Bonded Medical Places Scheme contact

How to contact us regarding the Bonded Medical Places Scheme.

To contact us about the Bonded Medical Places Scheme, use the email address below. 

Use this format in your subject line: ‘[Scheme/program name] – [your name] – [request]’.

Examples include:

  • BMPS – [Your name] – Requesting a copy of my DoA/DoV
  • BMPS – [Your name] – Fellowship attained
  • BMPS – [Your name] – Simultaneous work request
  • BMPS – [Your name] – Checking eligibility for After-Hours-Only Medical Service. 

Bonded Medical Program contact

Contact us about the Bonded Medical Program, Bonded Medical Places Scheme, Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme and the Bonded Return of Service System portal. To help us quickly categorise and address your request, include in the subject line: ‘[Scheme/program name] – [your name] – [request]’.
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