Nurses and midwives initiatives and programs

A list of programs we fund that are relevant to nurses and midwives.

Initiatives and programs

Australian Nurse–Family Partnership Program

The Australian Nurse–Family Partnership Program supports women who are pregnant with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander baby to help them become the best mum possible. Nurses make home visits to provide guidance during early pregnancy, the baby's infancy and into toddlerhood.

Australian Rotary Health Rural Nursing Scholarships

We contribute funding for these scholarships, which support nursing students to complete their major clinical placement and graduating year in a rural or remote area. The aim is to encourage students to pursue a nursing career in rural Australia.

Collaborative Arrangements 2023 Project

This project aims to remove the legislative need for collaborative arrangements between participating midwives, nurse practitioners and medical practitioners to provide Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services and prescribe Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medications.

HELP for Rural Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

This initiative reduces outstanding Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt for eligible doctors and nurse practitioners who live and work in rural, remote or very remote areas of Australia.

National Nursing Workforce Strategy

We are developing a National Nursing Workforce Strategy to address workforce challenges and support the nursing profession to deliver person-centred, evidence-based and compassionate care to Australian communities across all sectors now and into the future.

Nurse Practitioner Workforce Plan

The Nurse Practitioner Workforce Plan supports nurse practitioners to deliver health and aged care. The plan addresses barriers that have prevented them from working to their full potential.

Nursing and allied health scholarships

We fund a range of scholarship opportunities through the Australian College of Nursing including nursing, midwifery, aged care, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. Preference is given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants.

Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme (PHMSS) assists entry-level First Nations students to complete their studies and join the health workforce. From 1 July 2024, the PHMSS will transition to a First Nations-led organisation with no changes for current and future scholarship recipients.

Rural Locum Assistance Program (Rural LAP)

Rural LAP provides locums so that rural health professionals can attend continuing professional development or take vacation leave. The program also funds GPs to do extra training so they can become rural locums.

Transition to Practice Program

The Transition to Practice Program provides an evidence-based framework of support over 12 months to nurses who have transitioned to primary health care and feel they would benefit from additional support. We fund the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) to provide this program.
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