Medical and midwife professional indemnity insurance schemes

These schemes help indemnity insurers, doctors, allied health professionals and midwives with the cost of indemnity cover and claims.

What are indemnity insurance schemes

The medical and midwife professional indemnity insurance schemes are an Australian Government initiative. They support medical indemnity insurance for privately practicing:

  • doctors
  • allied health professionals
  • midwives.

Under these schemes, the government provides funding to subsidise:

  • premium costs
  • the cost of negligence claims made against practitioners.

Why are they important

These schemes help to:

  • stabilise the medical indemnity insurance market
  • keep premiums affordable for practitioners in private practice
  • ensure more stable fees for patients
  • improve access to professional indemnity insurance for midwives.

Who is involved

The Department of Health and Aged Care oversees the schemes. We develop related policy and are responsible for scheme governance.

Services Australia administers the schemes. It is responsible for the payment and audit of funds expended under the schemes.

Medical defence organisations (MDOs) and medical indemnity insurers take part in these schemes.

List of indemnity schemes


Medical and professional indemnity insurance contact

Contact us for general enquiries about the medical indemnity insurance schemes for privately practising doctors, allied health professionals and midwives. You can also contact us if you have general enquiries about medical and professional indemnity insurance policy.

Services Australia medical indemnity team

Contact this team for queries about applications and payments under the medical and midwife professional indemnity insurance schemes.
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