Exceptional Claims Scheme (ECS)

The ECS helps doctors in private practice with the cost of claims that exceed their indemnity cover. It also provides legacy cover for some allied health professionals. Find out more about who is eligible and how this scheme works.

About the scheme

Find out about the ECS – what it is, why it is important, how it works and the related legislation.


Practitioners may be eligible if they are in private practice and have indemnity cover above the ECS threshold.


The ECS covers the costs of eligible claims once they exceed an eligible practitioner’s indemnity cover limit.


Find out what claims are eligible for the ECS and how to apply for an ECS payment.

Related schemes

Premium Support Scheme

This scheme helps doctors with the cost of their medical indemnity insurance premiums.

Run-Off Cover Scheme

This scheme provides run-off cover to doctors who have stopped private practice.

High Cost Claims Scheme

This scheme helps insurers with the cost of large claims against doctors, allied health professionals and midwives.

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