What we’re doing about ear health

Our policies, programs and strategies aim to reduce the incidence and consequences of avoidable hearing loss in Australia.


We fund programs to support Australians with hearing loss:

Find a list of all our programs and initiatives related to ear health.


We fund and provide resources to help Australians understand and prevent ear disease and hearing loss:

  • Care for Kids’ Ears helps people who care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children recognise and prevent ear disease.
  • The Know Your Noise website provides a free online hearing test and advice on whether your lifestyle might be damaging your ears.
  • The Sound Scouts app makes hearing checks for children easy. The test is like a fun game, so the children don’t know it’s a test. It provides an instant report and what to do next if there is a problem.
  • The otitis media (middle ear infection) clinical care guidelines help health professionals manage ear conditions. 

Medicare and insurance benefits

We help reduce the cost of hearing services and products through:

  • the Prostheses List, which outlines the products – such as cochlear implants – that private health insurers pay benefits for
  • the Medicare Benefits Schedule, which allows health care providers to bulk bill part of the cost of hearing services.


We fund research to improve hearing services and support in Australia.

Who we work with

We work with various stakeholders to help improve ear health and support people experiencing hearing loss, including:

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