What we're doing about aged care

We administer aged care laws and develop policy that supports high quality aged care. We also consult with the community and other stakeholders on aged care issues and develop programs that target aged care needs.

Administering aged care laws

The Department of Health administers the Aged Care Act 1997 and other related aged care laws. These laws set out the rules for government-funded aged care.


  • manage the My Aged Care website and contact centre to help older people, their families and carers access government-funded aged care services
  • process applications from organisations to become approved aged care providers
  • publish guidance to help aged care providers understand the laws
  • respond to reports of non-compliance
  • improve policy through reforms and reviews to support high quality aged care

Committees and groups

We chair committees and groups that focus on improving aged care in Australia.

Consultations and engagement

We consult with the public and stakeholders about aged care policies, laws and issues. View our recent public consultations on changes to aged care.

We also engage with our stakeholders to make sure they have the news and resources they need. For example, we:

Aged care reforms and reviews

Reforms to the aged care system in Australia are:

  • improving quality of care
  • making it easier for older people to access government-funded aged care services and support

Read more about reforms and reviews in aged care.


Our programs target different aged care needs in our community. To find out more, view our list of aged care programs.

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