Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The Australian Government will deliver a once in a generation reform of aged care in response to the final report of the Royal Commission. The response is founded on the principles of respect, care and dignity.

Australian Government response to the final report

The Australian Government welcomed the Royal Commission’s final report. This report provided 148 recommendations to significantly reform the aged care sector.

Read our response to the recommendations.

Royal Commission reports

The Royal Commission has delivered:

What the commission did

The Royal Commission looked at:

  • the quality and safety of residential and in-home aged care for older people
  • the quality and safety of care for young people with disabilities living in aged care homes, including:
    • the extent to which these services meet peoples’ needs
    • the extent of substandard care, including mistreatment and all forms of abuse
    • the causes of any systemic failures
    • actions that should be taken in response
  • how to best deliver aged care services to:
    • people with disabilities living in aged care homes (including younger people) 
    • people living with dementia 
  • how to give people more control and choice in relation to their care, and improving engagement with families and carers
  • what the government, aged care sector, families and community can do to ensure quality and safety in aged care
  • how to best deliver aged care services in a sustainable way through:
    • innovative models of care
    • use of technology
    • investment in the aged care workforce and capital infrastructure 
  • the future challenges and opportunities for delivering accessible, affordable and high quality aged care services in Australia, including in: 
    • the context of changing demographics and preferences, i.e. people's wish to stay in their own home as they age 
    • remote, rural and regional Australia
  • the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in aged care, and what can be learned from this experience for responding to future pandemics, infectious disease outbreaks or other emergencies.

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