About the VAPP

Learn about how the Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) and the panel operate.

How the VAPP works

The Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) operates through a Head Agreement and under two models: 

  1. Model A for agencies (federal, state and territory and local government) 
  2. Model B for enterprises (private businesses, peak groups, NGOs)

VAPP Model A 

Model A supports government agencies in organising COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff.

Agencies wishing to use an immunisation provider (IProvider) from the panel must contact their central procurement agency to organise access.

States and territories must also sign a Deed of Participation with the Australian Government before commencement. A Deed of Participation uses the provisions of the Head Agreement.

VAPP Model B 

Model B (also called Enterprise Orders) gives enterprises the opportunity to offer their staff vaccination in either the workplace or community setting. Model B is a commercial arrangement between the contracting party and the IProvider.  

Parties wishing to make Model B arrangements must:

Under Model B the Australian Government provides access to COVID-19 vaccines but does not subsidise administration activities. 

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