About the Residents’ Experience Survey

The Residents’ Experience Survey gives aged care residents the chance to tell us about their experience of living in a residential aged care home. The results help determine residential aged care homes’ Star Rating, and helps providers identify how they can improve.

About the survey

The Residents’ Experience Survey is an annual face-to-face survey conducted by an independent third-party on our behalf. It is completely voluntary.

Trained professionals ask participating residents 14 questions on different topics, including:

  • staff knowledge
  • communication
  • quality care
  • food
  • ways a residential aged care home can improve.

We use the results to calculate the Residents’ Experience Star Rating for each residential aged care home.

Combined results are publicly available, but responses are anonymous – any identifying information is kept strictly confidential and securely stored.

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Why it is important

The survey:

  • gives residents a chance to tell us about the care they access at their residential aged care home
  • provides residential aged care homes with information on what is working well and what can be improved
  • helps older people and their families and carers make informed choices about their residential aged care home.

Goals of the survey

The survey was introduced in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

It empowers older people to tell us about the quality of the care they access, so that:

  • individual residential aged care homes can continue to improve
  • we can continue to improve the residential aged care system.

Survey rounds

We have completed 2 survey rounds:

  • In 2022, 2,647 services participated with 37,443 individual resident surveys completed.
  • In 2023, 2,625 services participated with 37,382 individual resident surveys completed.

The 2024 Residents’ Experience Survey round is open from February and October 2024.

Learn more

For more information, see our Residents’ Experience Survey resources.


Aged Care Residents' Experience Survey contact

Contact us for more information about Resident’s Experience Surveys and reports.

Access Care Network Australia

For more information about how the survey is conducted please contact our third party partner, Access Care Network Australia. Together with HealthConsult, they conduct the survey on our behalf.
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