Consultation to develop the new regulatory model for aged care

A staged approach was taken to the design and consultation process for developing the new model.

Stage 1 – complete

We released a concept paper and it’s plain English version on 8 February 2022. This paper outlines the vision for a new, improved approach to regulating aged care.

Stage 2 – complete

On 5 September 2022 we released the first consultation paper on the consultation hub. Accompanying the paper is a summary and Plain English version.

The paper provides a high-level overview of the new model and its components.

We received 40 submissions and 108 completed questionnaires in response to consultation on the paper with stakeholders broadly supporting the proposed approach.

Stage 3 – complete

In December 2022, we hosted workshops to seek additional feedback on proposed provider registration categories. These categories are a key feature in the proposed new model. We held these workshops with:

  • older people
  • their families and carers
  • providers
  • other interested stakeholders.

We used the feedback along with advice from experts in regulation and constitutional law to further develop the categories.

On 26 April 2023, we released a second consultation paper and a summary version outlining the details of the proposed approach to regulating aged care. The 8-week consultation period ended on 23 June 2023, and included:

  • a Webinar on the design of the new model which was held in May with 1,100 people attending and over 250 questions received.
  • Emeritus Professor Valerie Braithwaite explained the importance of relationships in the regulation of aged care in this video.
  • 8 workshops with over 100 people, including:
    • older people, their carers and families
    • peak bodies
    • aged care providers and workers
    • LGBTQIA+, culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • around 80 submissions, with about 200 responses to the detailed survey and over 350 responses to the short survey.

We used consultation feedback to refine the details of the new model. View the Consultation Summary Report for a summary of stakeholder feedback and the department’s response.

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