About the new aged care regulatory model

Find out about the new regulatory model and its role in a more transparent, high quality and accountable aged care system.

To make sure aged care in Australia is high quality and safe for older people, the sector needs rules for how it operates.

The new aged care regulatory model sets out how the aged care sector will operate following changes in the new Aged Care Act. 

The model will transform the way the sector works. It will:

  • improve outcomes for older people
  • emphasise stronger working relationships
  • provide more transparency and collaboration
  • support the strengthened Quality Standards, planned reforms to in-home care, and other recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The new regulatory model will start when the new Aged Care Act comes into effect. 

Features of the new model 

The new regulatory model will promote care that is:

  • person-centred and rights-based 
  • fit for purpose
  • safe and high quality 
  • monitored at the right level, based on a risk-proportionate approach
  • transparent and welcomes feedback and addresses concerns effectively and respectfully
  • innovative and continuously improving to meet the needs and expectations of older people.

Four regulatory safeguards are being introduced to help deliver the model:

  • Supporting quality care – focuses on working with providers and helping the sector to lift the quality and safety of aged care service delivery.
  • Becoming a provider – the way entities will become an aged care provider and remain suitable to continue delivering services to older people.
  • Responsibilities of a provider – the obligations providers must meet to deliver quality care and protect the rights of older people.
  • Holding providers accountable – facilitating quality care and deterring poor performance through monitoring, compliance, and enforcement activities.

The key features of the model include:

  • universal provider registration and renewal of registration across 6 registration categories
  • clear, targeted and streamlined provider obligations
  • a system that is easier for older people and providers to access and navigate
  • support to providers to build their capability
  • a consistent way to provide feedback and promptly address complaints and concerns, with a focus on resolving issues respectfully and adequately
  • stronger regulatory powers for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Oversight of the aged care regulatory model

We work closely with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) to regulate aged care. As the aged care regulator, the Commission monitors providers delivering Australian Government-funded aged care.

Under the new model, the Commission will have strengthened powers. This allows it to have greater visibility of who is operating in the sector and the funded aged care services they are delivering. It will also mean the Commission can respond proactively to emerging risks in the sector. 

Learn more

Find out about our consultation to design the new model. 

We are working to prepare providers for the transition to the new model when the new Aged Care Act commences. See our information for providers to learn more and keep up to date.

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