Who is eligible to employ an international medical graduate

International medical graduates are restricted to where they can work as doctors in Australia. Learn about who can employ international medical graduates and where they must be located.

Who can sponsor an international medical graduate?

Any registered business can fill a role by sponsoring a skilled worker. The Department of Home Affairs has information on how to be a sponsor of a skilled worker, such as an international medical graduate.

International medical graduates must work in locations deemed as priority areas to bill under Medicare. This is usually a regional, rural or remote area, or within certain hours in a metropolitan area.

Your practice needs to meet the location guidelines set out in section 19AB of Australia’s Health Insurance Act 1973.

Priority areas

To hire an international medical graduate under 19AB, your practice must be in a Distribution Priority Area for GPs, or a District of Workforce Shortage for other specialists.

Check if your job is in one of these areas with the Health Workforce Locator.

Area of Need status

Doctors on a limited medical registration pathway will also be restricted to working in an Area of Need. Area of Need is a geographical classification managed by the state or territory government.

Apply for Area of Need status through your state or territory government health department.

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