About working in Australia

Information for international medical graduates on working as a doctor in Australia, including who is eligible, why they should work in Australia, and where they can work.

Who can work in Australia?

International medical graduates may be able to work in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia if they meet certain requirements.

You are an international medical graduate if you:

  • got your medical degree outside of Australia or New Zealand
  • enrolled in a medical degree in Australia or New Zealand as a temporary resident

Find out if you meet the requirements to work in Australia and what you need to do before you can start working as a doctor.

Why work as a doctor in Australia?

Australia is a vibrant, multicultural country with a high standard of living. 

As a doctor working in our towns or country communities, you’ll have an opportunity to use your skills in a wide range of medicine.  Your employer will also support you to continue your education and training.

Find out more about the benefits of working as a doctor in Australia. 

What programs and support are available in my location?

The Modified Monash Model classification system tells us about an area according to geographical remoteness and town size. We define these areas by their geographical locations:

  • Metropolitan
  • Regional
  • Rural and
  • Remote areas

The Distribution Priority Area classification identifies locations in Australia with a shortage of medical practitioners. Read more on our incentives and support for GPs and general practices in MM locations.

Where can international medical graduates work?

International medical graduates can work in regional, rural and remote communities of Australia. Many of our towns and country areas are looking for doctors. 

Find out where you may be able to work as a doctor in Australia.  

International medical graduates and Medicare

Doctors in Australia need to be able to bill patients under our universal health insurance scheme, Medicare. International medical graduates are subject to Medicare restrictions.

Find out how to practise medicine in Australia.

Learn about Medicare and billing patients in Australia.

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