Supporting an international medical graduate

Make sure the international medical graduate you hired is supported to work as a doctor in your medical practice. Read about your duties as a sponsor, the mandatory steps you need to take to set them up properly.

Sponsor duties

Check all duties you have as a sponsor to your international medical graduate. 

Professional indemnity cover

Check with your professional indemnity insurer about liability for the international medical graduate's practice. You should advise your employee on their own cover.

Mandatory registration standards

To be registered, an international medical graduate must meet the Medical Board of Australia's mandatory registration standards.

Learn about the mandatory registration standards.

Medicare provider number

You must apply for a Medicare provider number on behalf of the international medical graduate you are employing.

Before you do so, the international medical graduate must have:

Workplace support

All international medical graduates with limited or provisional registration and their supervisors must submit a report to the Medical Board of Australia after 3 months. The report covers orientation and work performance.

You can help your employee settle into their new position by providing a warm welcome, an induction and cultural training.

Your local Rural Workforce Agency can provide more advice on inducting your international medical graduate.

Understanding the health system

The Australian health system will be new to your international medical graduate employee. Help them understand Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

An international medical graduate might also know medical terms and treatments by different names. You may need to provide some resources on Australian medical expressions:

Professional support and development

Professional support for your employee helps them with:

  • referrals
  • second opinions and advice
  • access to clinical and procedural medical services
  • ongoing professional development.

Try to assign a professional mentor for the international medical graduate. The mentor can be located somewhere else, but can keep in touch with the international medical graduate over the phone.

Professional development for rural medical practitioners is delivered by multiple organisations, including:

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