Area of Need

State and territory governments decide how to distribute the health workforce in their own jurisdictions through the Area of Need (AoN) classification. Read about AoN and how to search for locations classified AoN.

About the Area of Need classification

An Area of Need (AoN) is a geographical location where the medical needs of its population are going unmet. 

State and territory governments determine their own AoN locations. 

Why it is important

AoN helps distribute the health workforce and make sure all Australians are getting quality health care. 

How it is used

Doctors with Limited Registration for Area of Need are only registered to work in a location classified AoN. 

State and territory governments nominate AoN locations so doctors with limited registration and international medical graduates are working where they’re needed the most.

Find AoN locations

Contact our state or territory government offices to find out their AoN locations.

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