AN-ACC Class 1 – admit for palliative care

AN-ACC class 1 is available under the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) for people who are palliative on entry to permanent care. Find out what you need to do for a resident to be classified as AN-ACC Class 1.

About AN-ACC Class 1

AN-ACC Class 1 is a special classification.

It is for eligible residents who enter permanent residential aged care to receive planned palliative care at, or near, end of life.

This includes residents who transfer from residential respite care to permanent residential care at the same service. A resident with AN-ACC Class 1 does not need an AN-ACC assessment.

How we assign AN-ACC Class 1

To receive AN-ACC Class 1, the resident’s provider must submit a Palliative care status form to show the resident has palliative care status. The form includes assessment by an independent medical practitioner or nurse practitioner. The assessment confirms that before entry the resident had an:

  • estimated life expectancy of 3 months or less
  • Australia-Modified Karnofsky Performance (AKPS) score of 40 or less (which provides evidence of significant frailty).

An independent medical practitioner or nurse practitioner cannot be employed or contracted by the service the resident will enter.

The resident will receive AN-ACC Class 1 if the form confirms their palliative care status.

If the form does not confirm palliative care status, then the resident will:

How to complete the palliative care status form

If you identify a potential resident as meeting the AN‑ACC Class 1 criteria, you should discuss options with them. If the potential resident agrees to enter to receive planned palliative care, then you should give them a copy of:

The independent medical practitioner or nurse practitioner must complete and sign Part A and Part B of the palliative status form. This must be done before the resident enters permanent care at the service. The resident (or their representative) and the provider must also sign the form. This attests the resident is entering to receive planned palliative care on a permanent basis.

How to submit the palliative care status form

There are 2 steps to submit a palliative care status form. Both must be done on or after the resident’s actual date of permanent entry. You must:

  1. indicate in the resident’s Aged Care Entry Record (ACER) that the resident is entering permanent care to receive planned palliative care.
  2. submit the completed palliative care status form through the My Aged Care Service and Support Portal within 14 days of submitting the ACER. We may give an extension to submit the form in exceptional circumstances.

Who should keep the palliative care status form

The resident’s provider must keep a copy of a completed palliative care status form. Section 27 and section 27A of the Accountability Principles 2014 allows us to request information and documents on the palliative care a resident with palliative care status receives, including an original form. We may use this information to evaluate the AN-ACC Class 1 classification level.


Approved providers, medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and residents can learn more about completing the palliative care status form and about palliative care in these fact sheets:

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