AN-ACC assessments

A resident’s Australian National Aged Care Classification funding model (AN-ACC) class will decide part of the funding received by aged care providers. Read about the assessment process and the steps you can take to prepare.

AN-ACC assessment process

Independent assessors will use the AN-ACC Assessment Tool to assess residents’ care needs. Information from the assessments are used to assign residents an AN-ACC classification. The amount of variable funding given to providers will be based on the resident’s AN-ACC classification.

Assessors are independent of the aged care provider.

The assessment tool considers:

  • physical ability
  • cognitive ability
  • behaviour
  • mental health.

Read the AN-ACC Reference Manual and AN-ACC Assessment Tool for more information.

If a new resident does not have an AN-ACC class, an assessment will be triggered when the provider creates the entry record in the Services Australia Aged Care Provider Portal.

AN-ACC assessments are not care plans – providers must separately take on care planning for the resident as required under the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Preparing for the assessment

Before the assessor arrives, you should: 

  • confirm how many residents will need to be assessed 
  • check the residents are available for assessment 
  • prepare your staff for the assessor’s visit. 

At least 5 days before the assessor arrives, complete the AN-ACC Assessor Pre-Entry Checklist provided by the AMO. 

Assessors use a range of sources, including speaking with staff and residents, observations, resident notes and care plans. When the assessor arrives, give the assessor: 

  • a suitable working environment that meets work health and safety standards 
  • immediate access to all necessary clinical systems
  • records and relevant documentation, such as the resident’s National Screening and Assessment Form (NSAF), care plans, medical records and wound care or behaviour charts.

AN-ACC independent assessors

Independent assessors are employed by Assessment Management Organisations (AMOs). They are independent of the aged care provider. Separation of assessors and providers ensures the integrity of the system and that residents’ care needs come before funding decisions.

They must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a registered nurse, physiotherapist or occupational therapist delivering clinical services in aged care settings, such as:

  • geriatric evaluation
  • rehabilitation
  • palliative care
  • community nursing, including people living with dementia.

Assessment Management Organisations

The Australian Government has engaged independent AMOs to conduct AN-ACC assessments for aged care residents:

  • Access Care Network Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australian Healthcare Associates Pty Ltd
  • Care Tasmania Pty Ltd t/as Care Assess
  • Health Administration Corporation, as represented by NSW Ministry of Health
  • Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
  • Serendipity (WA) Pty Ltd t/as Advanced Personnel Management.

AN-ACC assessment – respite care

Residential respite residents will be assessed either in the community through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or in residential care aged care services through an AMO.

These assessments use the modified de Morton Mobility Index (DEMMI) assessment tool. The care recipient will be assigned an AN-ACC respite classification when the assessment is completed.

Residents who move to another service

Residents who move from one aged care service to another do not need to have a new AN-ACC assessment.

AN-ACC classes will transfer to the new aged care service. Aged care providers can request a reclassification if they believe the resident’s AN-ACC class does not reflect their care needs.

Reconsideration or reclassification of assessment decisions

Aged care providers can request a: 

  • reclassification of a resident in their care if the resident’s care needs have changed significantly since the existing classification took effect 
  • reconsideration if they disagree with the AN-ACC class that has been assigned to the resident. 

Providers can submit a reclassification request through the My Aged Care Service and Support Portal.

More information

See the AN-ACC Funding Guide for more information.

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