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We're working on a range of policy initiatives, programs and campaigns to help improve your health and the health of all Australians.

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  • Signed by all Australian governments, the 2020–25 Addendum to National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA) aims to improve health outcomes for all Australians and ensure our health system is sustainable.

  • We are establishing an Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to improve Australia's ongoing response to current and emerging public health emergencies. Learn more about the Australian CDC.

  • The Australian Thalidomide Survivors Support Program provides support to Australian thalidomide survivors. Find out about the program, including who is eligible and what support is available.

  • The Cardiovascular Health Mission is investing $220 million. It brings together researchers, health professionals, industry and patients to make transformative improvements in heart and vascular health and stroke for all Australians.

  • The Clinical Trials Activity initiative will provide $750 million over 10 years from 2022-23. It will help Australian researchers and patients test new treatments through national and international clinical trials.

  • The Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) program helps people and families who have problems with breaking down protein in their food. They need a special diet, and the IEM program helps them pay for their specialised food.

  • The Australian Government is investing in a multi-year Intergenerational Health and Mental Health Study (IHMHS). The IHMHS will provide the most complete picture ever collected of Australia's physical and mental health.

  • The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) helps people with diabetes to understand and manage their life with diabetes. It also provides timely, reliable and affordable access to the NDSS support services and products.

  • The NEBDS helps eligible people with epidermolysis bullosa access dressings, bandages and ancillary products at a reduced cost. It also ensures a consistent level of care across Australia. The scheme is currently administered by Independence Australia on behalf of the Australian Government.

  • Healthcare providers offer bloodspot screening to all babies born in Australia. This blood test detects certain rare genetic conditions and metabolic disorders. Screening aims to improve the health of babies by identifying those at risk of developing a serious condition, allowing early intervention.

  • The QAAMS program provides rapid, on-site diabetes testing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in rural and remote locations. These tests provide a result in 6 minutes, meaning patients can receive their results during the same appointment.

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) products are subsidised through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). We are reviewing the products available the NDSS’s CGM Initiative to make sure they are clinically and cost effective.

  • The Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF) supports outreach initiatives that improve access to medical specialists, general practitioners (GPs) and allied and other health providers in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

  • The Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program aims to improve life expectancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by reducing tobacco use. Local organisations run activities designed to reduce smoking rates. Resources and tools are available to support these activities.

  • Targeted Translation Research Accelerator has been consolidated into the Preventive and Public Health Research initiative under the MRFF 10-year Investment Plan.

  • The Value in Prescribing (ViP) Program funds resources, tools and interventions. These support specialist health professionals and patients in using immunoglobulin products and alternatives to biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs).

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