Active ingredient prescribing

The Active ingredient prescribing (AIP) initiative helps ensure consistent information about prescription medicines is used when health practitioners prescribe and dispense medicines for their patients.

From 1 January 2023, the ongoing maintenance of the AIP initiative is transitioning to us from the Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Health Care.

The commission's AIP resources were last updated in December 2022. We will review AIP resources after the transition. 

If you require assistance with the AIP initiative (including any requests for us to consider medicines for exclusion from AIP requirements) please email us.  

About the initiative

AIP is part of a wider government initiative to ensure consistent information about prescription medicines. Learn more about the program and why it is important.

Active and inactive ingredients

Learn about what is, and what is not an active ingredient in prescription medicines.

When AIP applies

Active ingredient prescribing (AIP) is mandatory for prescription medication listen on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) and the Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits (RPBS).


The List of Excluded Medicinal Items (LEMI) and the List of Medicines for Brand Consideration (LMBC) help support prescribers to prescribe medicines by the active ingredient with best practice guidance for specification of brand.

Latest resources

Active ingredient prescribing – Guidance for Australian prescribers

This fact sheet provides information for Australian prescribers about the Active ingredient prescribing (AIP) initiative.

Active ingredient prescribing – Request for consideration intake form

You may wish to use this form to assist with submitting your request(s) for consideration under the Active Ingredient Prescribing initiative. However, this form is not mandatory at this time and submissions will still be considered without the intake form.

Active ingredient prescribing – List of Excluded Medicinal Items

This List of Excluded Medicinal Items (LEMI) contains medicines which have been excluded from the legal requirements of active ingredient prescribing. Clinical software systems will default to brand name only for items on the LEMI.

Active ingredient prescribing – User guide

This user guide supports prescribers in all healthcare settings to adopt active ingredient prescribing.

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