What happens after reviews by the MBS Review Advisory Committee are completed

Find out more about completed Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (MRAC) reviews.

The MRAC provides independent and expert advice to the Australian Government as part of the MBS Continuous Review. These reviews ensure the MBS continues to support high-quality care that remains flexible and contemporary.

When completing reviews of relevant issues or existing MBS items, the MRAC will produce and endorse a Final Report. Final Reports can make a range of recommendations to government, including:

  • changing existing MBS items
  • creating new items
  • removing current items
  • no substantive changes
  • a combination of these.

After completing a review, the MRAC will endorse a Final Report and provide it the Minister for Health and Aged Care.

When considering advice or recommendations in a Final Report, the government will also consider:

  • broader healthcare reform initiatives
  • competing government priorities
  • the federal budget.

When the government seeks to make changes to MBS items, it will announce its decision and outline the proposed changes. The timeline for making changes includes:

  • budget processes
  • engaging with impacted sectors
  • other influential considerations.
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