Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Continuous Review

The MBS Continuous Review ensures the MBS continues to support high-quality care, remains flexible, and stays up to date. We do this through a process of ongoing expert reviews.

About the initiative

The MBS Continuous Review involves the ongoing review of Medicare items and services by experts.

This builds on the work of the MBS Review Taskforce and its MBS Review. From 2015 to 2020, the taskforce reviewed more than 5,700 MBS items for clinical efficacy and relevance. The taskforce’s recommendations have delivered significant improvements in patient care.

The MBS Continuous Review is supported by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (MRAC). The MRAC is led by Conjoint Professor Anne Duggan (Chair) and Ms Jo Watson (Deputy Chair), who were appointed in September 2021.

Why it is important

The MBS Continuous Review ensures the MBS continues to support high-quality care and remains flexible and contemporary. Ongoing rigorous, comprehensive review and analysis is essential for a consistent, clear and evidence-based MBS that works for patients and health professionals alike.

News and updates

When the Australian Government endorses implementation of a recommendation, we announce it through:

For more information and updates on the MRAC, visit the MBS Review Advisory Committee (MRAC) page.


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