Request a review under the MBS Continuous Review

Find out about what you should do before requesting a review.

Who can request a review

Any stakeholder can submit a review request. However, for requests that involve new technologies, treatments, and associated fees, please contact the Medicare Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)

When a review can be requested

Stakeholders can submit a review request at any time. Requests are first considered by the Department of Health and Aged Care. If appropriate for further consideration, requests will be progressed to the  MBS Continuous Review Executive. If accepted, the request may then progress to the MRAC.

How to request a review

To request a review, please email a completed review request template to In your request, you must:

  1. Provide a title and summary of the review topic.
  2. Describe the problem and identify the issue for patients. 
  3. Describe the estimated or known impact of the problem. Use a relevant metric, such as patient cohort size or financial impact.
  4. Explain why the MBS is the appropriate mechanism to resolve the problem. State whether you have considered other mechanisms or funding sources.
  5. Describe the solution and outcome. Identify any potential consequences and suggest how to mitigate these consequences.
  6. Provide your contact information. This includes your name, title, organisation, and contact information. 

After receiving your email, we will assess your request.

How we consider review requests

Once we receive a review request, it is progressed to the relevant policy area in the Department of Health and Aged Care for an initial suitability assessment before progression to the MBS Continuous Review Executive – a governance body which oversees the prioritisation and timing of review topics. The MBS Continuous Review Executive is comprised of the MRAC Chair and Deputy Chair, along with Department of Health and Aged Care senior executives.

If a review request is deemed suitable, it will be scheduled for presentation to the MRAC for commencement.  To support this process, the initiator will be asked to complete a review proposal. This proposal will extend upon the initial request by providing further information. In some cases, we will ask you to provide qualitative and quantitative evidence to support your request.

The work of the MBS Continuous Review and the MRAC is subject to a prioritisation process and not all submissions will be accepted.

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