The committee’s role is to guide the work of the MBS Continuous Review and provide advice to Government on publicly funded services listed on the MBS. MRAC is comprised of practising clinicians, academics, health system experts and consumers.

Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Advisory Committee – Terms of reference

This document contains the terms of reference for the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (MRAC)




Conjoint Professor Anne Duggan (Chair)

 Policy and Clinical Advisor / Gastroenterology

Ms Jo Watson (Deputy Chair)

Consumer Representative

Dr Jason Agostino

General Practice / Epidemiology / Indigenous Health

Dr Matt Andrews


Professor John Atherton


Professor Wendy Brown

General and Bariatric Surgery

Professor Adam Elshaug

Health Services / Systems Research

Ms Margaret Foulds


Associate Professor Sally Green

Health Services / Systems Research

Dr Chris Helms

Nurse Practitioner

Professor Harriet Hiscock


Professor Anthony Lawler

Health Services Administration / Emergency Medicine

Ms Alison Marcus

Consumer Representative

Associate Professor Elizabeth Marles

General Practice / Indigenous Health

Dr Sue Masel

Rural General Practice

Professor Christobel Saunders

Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery

Associate Professor Ken Sikaris


Ms Robyn Stephen

Paediatric Speech Pathology

Associate Professor Angus Turner

Ophthalmology / Rural and Remote Medicine

Professor Christopher Vertullo

Orthopaedic Surgery

Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Advisory Committee – Member biographies

This document contains the member biographies of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (MRAC).

Current reviews

The MRAC has established working groups to consider the following review topics:

  • Introduction of MBS items for genetic counselling services and genetic test requesting rights for HGSA registered genetic counsellors
  • Surgical assistant billing arrangements and the eligibility of non-medical surgical assistants for remuneration via the MBS

Draft reports from each working group will be made available for public consultation, prior to finalisation and submission to government for consideration.


The inaugural meeting of MRAC was held on 9 November 2021. The MRAC meets four times a year, and has met on three occasions to date:

  • 9 November 2021
  • 1 February 2022
  • 4 May 2022

MRAC meetings are scheduled for August and November this year.


MBS Continuous Review contact

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6 September 2022