Healthy Food Partnership Program – State and Territory Liaison Group

This group keeps the states and territories informed about activities of the Healthy Food Partnership. Read more about the group’s role.


The State and Territory Liaison Group includes representatives from the Australian Government, New Zealand Government and all Australian state and territory governments.

This enables them to keep informed about Healthy Food Partnership activities, and work on them together, where possible.

The Healthy Food Partnership brings together governments, the public health sector and the food industry to:

  • improve the diet of Australians
  • reduce diet-related diseases, overweight and obesity.




Gillian Duffy (Chair)

Australian Government Department of Health

Donnell Alexander

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries

Louise Broomhead

ACT Health

Joanne Cammans

South Australia Health

Sharon Laurence

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Sophie Williamson

Western Australian Department of Health

Liz Munn

New South Wales Health

Judy Seal

Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services

Carrie Turner

Northern Territory Department of Health

Elizabeth Good

Queensland Department of Health

Roger Meany

Queensland Department of Health

Related groups

This working group reports to the Executive Committee.

Other working groups involved in the Healthy Food Partnership include the:


Healthy Food Partnership and Reformulation Program contact

Contact us for more information about the Healthy Food Partnership or Reformulation Program. To keep up to date with the work of the Healthy Food Partnership you can sign up to the Community of Interest mailing list by emailing us.
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