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A list of resources – including apps, audio and video resources and other publications – about smoking and tobacco.


Improving communication, coordination and collaboration amongst alcohol and other drug treatment funders

This document looks at the improvements to the National Framework for Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Treatment. It looks at improving processes for communication, coordination, and collaboration (CCC) between and amongst alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment funders.

The Aboriginal Quitline helped Ted quit

Ted has given up with the help and support of the My QuitBuddy app and talking to Aboriginal counsellors on the Quitline. They help Ted say no when his band mates offer him a cigarette.

Charles quit after a health scare

Charles smoked two and a half packets of cigarettes every day. A health scare made him give up for good.

Kirra is very happy she quit

Kirra’s smoking made her asthma worse. She quit smoking so she can be a healthy mum for her kids.

Amanda gave up smoking for her daughter

Amanda was a very heavy smoker. She used patches to help her give up smoking.

Jethro and the Aboriginal Quitline

Jethro works for Quit Victoria and is keen to have a yarn with anybody who is thinking about quitting smoking.

Michaela – Adelaide

Michaela got really unfit from smoking. Her advice to people that want to start smoking is that it's not cool to smoke.

Donna quit for her son’s health

Donna smoked two packs a day for 26 years. She’s given up smoking and wishes she never started.

Raymond saved money by quitting

Raymond saved over $100 a week by quitting the smokes. His lungs feel much better and doesn’t cough all the time now.

Dan gave up to improve his health and fitness

Dan started smoking when he was 14. He had a health scare which made him realise he needed to give up smoking.
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