Medicare initiatives and programs

A list of programs we fund that are relevant to Medicare.

Initiatives and programs

2020–25 National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA)

Signed by all Australian governments, the 2020–25 Addendum to National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA) aims to improve health outcomes for all Australians and ensure our health system is sustainable.

Electronic prescribing

Electronic prescribing is now widely available. It provides an option for prescribers and their patients to use an electronic prescription as an alternative to paper prescriptions. Paper prescriptions are still available.

Medical Treatment Overseas Program

The Medical Treatment Overseas Program (MTOP) helps approved Australians who have a life-threatening medical condition access life-saving medical treatment overseas where treatment is not available in Australia.

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Continuous Review

The MBS Continuous Review ensures the MBS continues to support high-quality care, remains flexible, and stays up to date. We do this through a process of ongoing expert reviews.

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review

The MBS Review considered how MBS items could be better aligned with contemporary clinical evidence and practice, to improve health outcomes. The review ran from 2015 to 2020. The Australian Government is progressively considering and implementing the recommendations.

Quality Use of Pathology Program

The Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP) provides grants for projects that improve the management, delivery or use of Medicare pathology services.

Radiation Oncology Health Program Grants Scheme

The Radiation Oncology Health Program Grants Scheme helps public and private radiation oncology providers in areas of greatest need to buy eligible radiation therapy equipment.

Shared Debt Recovery Scheme

If we detect incorrect Medicare payments during a compliance audit, the Shared Debt Recovery Scheme allows us to split a debt between the practitioner and the person who manages their billing and claiming.

Supporting quality in GP pathology requesting

This initiative gives general practitioners (GPs) an opportunity to self-assess their pathology referral process using data relevant to them. It supports quality use of pathology requests, or other alternatives if they are a better choice.

Value in Prescribing Program

The Value in Prescribing (ViP) Program funds resources, tools and interventions. These support specialist health professionals and patients in using immunoglobulin products and alternatives to biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs).
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