Sports and exercise physicians review

Learn about how the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (MRAC) is reviewing sport and exercise medicine MBS items.

About the review

This review will ensure the MBS aligns with current and evidence-based clinical use of sport and exercise medicine.

We referred this review to the MRAC after considering a review proposal from the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians. The proposal was about seeking access to consultant physician equivalent consultation MBS items.

Why the review is important

When we make changes to MBS items the MRAC will do a review about 24 months after to analyse the impact of these changes. This is called a post-implementation review. 

Post-implementation reviews provide an opportunity to see whether the item changes:

  • achieve their intended outcomes
  • have any impacts to patients access and health outcomes.

This review will make sure the MBS does not pose inappropriate barriers to accessing sport and exercise physician services.


The MRAC has endorsed public consultation of a review discussion paper at its March 2024 meeting. The consultation will be available in the coming months.

Activities to date

14 November 2023The MRAC agreed to start the review
6 March 2024The MRAC endorsed public consultation of the review discussion paper


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