Voluntary acknowledgement of incorrect payments

If you think you've incorrectly claimed a Medicare or practice incentive payment, you must let us know as soon as you can. You can do this by submitting a voluntary acknowledgement of incorrect payments form.

What a voluntary acknowledgement is

A voluntary acknowledgement lets us know if you have incorrectly claimed a payment under the:

Why make a voluntary acknowledgement

Making a voluntary acknowledgement of an incorrect payment helps ensure Medicare remains sustainable by only paying legitimate claims.

You must repay the incorrect payment amount.

A penalty may apply to any amount owing (the debt accrued). However, no penalty will apply to voluntary acknowledgements.

Who can make a voluntary acknowledgement

Health practitioners, health services and anyone who manages their finances can make a voluntary acknowledgement of an incorrect Medicare payment.

When to make a voluntary acknowledgement

You should send us a voluntary acknowledgment form as soon as you realise you have made an incorrect claim.

How to make a voluntary acknowledgement

To make a voluntary acknowledgment for incorrect payments fill out the appropriate form for:

Include any information with your form that you think will help us identify the claim or incorrect payment.

What happens once you have sent your form

Once we have reviewed your form, we will contact you to confirm how much you owe and your payment options.

Compensation scheme and private health insurer payments

If you realise you received an incorrect payment from a private health insurer or compensation scheme, contact either: 

  • the private health insurer directly
  • Services Australia’s Veterans’ Affairs processing enquiry line, if the patient was covered by a Department of Veterans’ Affairs scheme.


Medicare provider enquiry line

Services Australia's Medicare billing, claiming, payments or obtaining a provider number enquiry line.
Medicare provider enquiry line, Services Australia

Voluntary compliance contact

Contact us if you have any questions about the voluntary acknowledgement of an incorrect Medicare payment process.

Services Australia Veterans' Affairs processing enquiry line

Contact us if you become aware of receiving an incorrect payment from a private health insurer or for a patient who received cover or medical treatment under a compensation scheme.
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