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Your starting point for information about aged care – what it is, types of government-funded aged care services, how much it costs, aged care laws and what we’re doing to improve quality of care.

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  • What is aged care?
    Aged care is the support provided to older people who need help in their own home or who can no longer live at home. Government-funded aged care services are available to eligible people.
  • Types of aged care
    Government-funded aged care services include in-home care (care in your home), residential care in aged care (nursing) homes, and short-term care such as respite care.
  • How much does aged care cost?
    If you can afford to, you’re expected to help with the cost of the government-funded aged care you receive. How much you pay depends on things like your finances and the services you receive.
  • Quality in aged care
    Government-funded aged care services must meet quality standards. Find out what happens if standards are not met, how you can check the quality of care, and what to do if you have a complaint.
  • Aged care laws in Australia
    The Aged Care Act 1997 is the main law that covers government-funded aged care. It sets out rules for things like funding, approval of providers, and the rights of people receiving care.
  • What we're doing about aged care
    We administer aged care laws, develop policy that supports high quality aged care, consult with the community and develop programs that meet aged care needs.
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