Aged care laws in Australia

The Aged Care Act 1997 is the main law that covers government-funded aged care. It sets out rules for things like funding, regulation, approval of providers, quality of care and the rights of people receiving care. Laws on diversity and discrimination also apply to aged care.

Aged Care Act

The Aged Care Act 1997 is the main law that sets out the rules for government-funded aged care including:

  • funding
  • regulation
  • approval of providers
  • subsidies and fees
  • standards
  • quality of care
  • rights of people receiving care
  • non-compliance.

The principles that sit under the Aged Care Act 1997 provide more detail on these rules:

Other aged care laws


Aged Care Diversity Framework

The Aged Care Diversity Framework aims to make sure our aged care services are respectful and inclusive. All people have a right to quality care, no matter their social, cultural, language, religious, spiritual, psychological, medical or care needs.

View the laws that support the Aged Care Diversity Framework.

Report on the Aged Care Act

Each year, we must report on the operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 to the Australian Parliament.

Read the latest report – 2022-23 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 – on the GEN Aged Care Data website.

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