Government Provider Management System – Editing access roles in GPMS

This video shows you how to edit users in the Government Provider Management System.


Welcome to the Government Provider Management System Training Video Series.

In this video, we will demonstrate editing access roles.

As an organisation administrator, one of your tasks will be to edit access roles for users in GPMS.

To do this, select the manage users link at the top of the screen.

In the manage user screen, select the manage link.

This action is the same for users either the ACO level or the provider level.

The managing user screen will display.

At this point in time, the only user information that can be edited is the user access roles. For ACO level users, you can edit the organisation administration and star ratings reviewer org access and for provider level users, you can change the service providers that have access to star ratings for.

In this screen, scroll down.

Under the user roles, you will see the selection of user access roles currently assigned to the user.

To change the access role, either select or deselect the role that needs to be added or removed.

Once you have made the change you need to make, select the Save button.

The manage users screen will display again.

The user's name will indicate the change to their access role and the user will receive an email notification advising of the change to their account.

Thank you for watching this training video on editing user access roles.

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