Cognitive Decline Scale (PAS)

This scale is part of the Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales (PAS). Aged care providers can use this to test cognitive impairment of care recipients. It includes the questions and the scoring method. It is suitable for people who are non-verbal, have reduced fine motor skills or visually impaired.


Cognitive Decline Scale (PAS)

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The Cognitive Decline Scale performs well as a screening test for dementia. 

It is suitable if your care recipient: 

  • is non-verbal  

  • has reduced fine motor skills 

  • is visually impaired 

It is not influenced by education or intelligence earlier in life. It avoids this by asking about changes in everyday cognitive functioning from earlier life.  

If someone has had a limited education and performs poorly on the Cognitive Impairment Scale, but not poorly on the Cognitive Decline Scale, low cognitive ability may be lifelong. 

For how to use this scale, read the PAS User Guide

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