Where to access naloxone

Find out where you can obtain naloxone in Australia and whether you will need a prescription.

Naloxone is available under the program from a variety of locations including:

  • community and hospital-based pharmacies
  • alcohol and other drug treatment centres
  • needle and syringe programs
  • custodial release programs

Without a prescription or over the counter

Under the national Take Home Naloxone program, naloxone will be available free of charge and without a prescription across all participating pharmacies in Australia. Naloxone is also available over the counter from non-participating Take Home Naloxone program pharmacies for a fee.  

With a prescription

Naloxone is available in all states and territories with a prescription.

Participating sites

A list of pharmacies and other sites participating in the national Take Home Naloxone program can be found on the Pharmacy Programs Administrator Website.

Contact your state or territory health department to find out where to get naloxone:

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about naloxone.

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