Providing naloxone under the Take Home Naloxone program

Learn more about providing naloxone as part of the Take Home Naloxone program initiative, and how to register as or apply to be a provider.

Who can provide naloxone through the program

Pharmacies, doctors and hospital pharmacies

You are eligible to provide naloxone through the national Take Home Naloxone program if you are:

You must register to provide naloxone through the program with the Pharmacy Programs Administrator

Take Home Naloxone program administrator contact

Contact the Take Home Naloxone program administrator for information on how to take part in and register for the Take Home Naloxone program. You can call from 9 am to 8 pm AEST Monday to Friday.

Other health services    

Naloxone is available from a variety of health sites in all states and territories.

Sites may include:

  • alcohol and other drug treatment services 
  • needle and syringe programs 
  • homelessness/outreach services   

These services are considered Authorised Alternative Suppliers and must be approved by the relevant state authority.   

Alternative Suppliers wishing to take part in the program will need to register to participate with the Pharmacy Programs Administrator.

Supplying naloxone outside the program 

Naloxone is listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) and is available as a General Schedule unrestricted PBS benefit. Pharmacies, doctors and hospital pharmacies in all states and territories can still supply naloxone if they don’t register for the program, to either: 

  • someone with a prescription 

  • over the counter from a pharmacy for a fee 

The PBS outlines the fees for naloxone outside of the national program.  

Other providers

Non-pharmacy settings can choose to participate in the program and supply naloxone. These settings may include

  • a general practice

  • an alcohol or other drug treatment service

  • an injecting centre such as needle or syringe program

  • a homeless or outreach service

To take part in the program contact your participating state to register your interest to provide naloxone outside a pharmacy setting.

Ordering and claiming naloxone through the program

Pharmacies should order naloxone for the program using normal stock management processes.

If you are approved to provide naloxone outside a pharmacy setting by your state, ask your state contact about how to order it.

Depending on the product, naloxone has a shelf life of up to 3 years.

Pharmacists can claim the cost of naloxone supplied under the program through the THN program portal.

You must be registered as a provider to use the portal.

Supplying naloxone through the program

Who you can supply naloxone to

You can supply naloxone to anyone through the program. No prescription is needed.

How often you can supply naloxone

There is no limit on the number of times you can provide naloxone through the program.

How much naloxone you can supply

You can supply up to two times the PBS quantity of naloxone at any time.

This table shows how much naloxone you can supply, in which form.




Prenoxad® pre-filled syringes



Nyxoid® intranasal spray



Naloxone Hydrochloride (DBL)® ampoules



Naloxone  Juno® ampoules



NALOXONE SXP® ampoules

Southern XP


Nyxoid® (UK) intranasal spray*

Pro Pharmaceuticals


  • *Nyxoid® (UK) is temporarily approved for the THN program due to medicine shortages.

You can’t supply Narcan under the program.

Naloxone supplied to someone under the program does not count towards their PBS Safety Net. 

Submission of information on the program. 

You must submit information for the supply of naloxone made through the program so you can claim the cost. 

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