Consultation to strengthen the Aged Care Quality Standards

We’ve strengthened the Quality Standards following extensive consultation with the aged care sector, older people, their families and carers, advocates and experts.

Reviewing the Quality Standards

The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommended an urgent review of the Quality Standards.

To complete the review of the Quality Standards in 2021, we worked with the:

The review included extensive consultation with:

  • the aged care sector
  • older people, their families and carers
  • providers
  • workers
  • advocates 
  • experts.

Read the outcomes of the review in the:

Our consultation process

Based on the findings of the review, in 2022, we revised the Quality Standards and tested a draft of these strengthened Quality Standards through public consultation.

Read the Revised Aged Care Quality Standards or the Revised Aged Care Quality Standards summary shared during the public consultation in 2022.

In 2023, we worked with the ACQSC and the ACSQHC to pilot the draft strengthened Quality Standards to understand how the strengthened Quality Standards would work in practice. The pilot considered whether they were fit-for-purpose with a sample of 40 providers with diverse:

  • service types
  • sizes
  • locations
  • people accessing aged care.

Read about the ACQSC’s Quality Standards pilot program.

The findings of the pilot highlighted some areas where the strengthened Quality Standards could be enhanced to improve usability, auditability and understanding. 

Based on feedback received from older people, aged care providers and other stakeholders, and the findings from the pilot, we made changes to the way the standards were written to make them clearer, reduce duplication and simplify the language.

This work resulted in the final draft strengthened Quality Standards.

Preparing for the new Aged Care Act

Work is under way to draft the strengthened Quality Standards into the new Aged Care Act

As this drafting process continues, additional wording adjustments may be required to the strengthened Quality Standards ensure consistency with language in the legislation. However, it will not impact the overarching expectations of the strengthened Quality Standards.

When the new Aged Care Act commences it will be supported by the new aged care regulatory model

The new regulatory model will require all providers to be registered into a registration category dependent on the services delivered. 

Providers will need to meet obligations associated with their registration category. These obligations will help providers to deliver safe, quality and accessible care for older people.

Find out more about the new aged care regulatory model.

Who we work with

We are responsible for: 

  • drafting and revision of the Quality Standards non-clinical parts 
  • establishing the overall architecture and format of the Quality Standards
  • ensuring the Quality Standards are clear, connected and easy to follow.

We consult on the strengthened Quality Standards with: 

  • older people, their families and carers
  • providers
  • workers 
  • peak organisations. 

We are working collaboratively to develop communication and guidance materials to support implementation of the Quality Standards with the ACQSC and the ACSQHC

Role of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

All aged care services need accreditation to receive Australian Government funding. The accreditation process requires providers to show how they meet the Quality Standards.

As the national regulator of aged care services in Australia, the ACQSC assesses providers and issues accreditation. The ACQSC performs full audits, checking the quality of care that providers deliver, including against the Quality Standards. The outcomes of assessments are published to provide transparency regarding provider performance.

Read about the Commission’s Stronger Standards, Better Aged Care Program.

Role of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

The ACSQHC’s role regarding the Quality Standards is to: 

  • set the clinical care components of the Quality Standards
  • provide information, publications and resources about clinical care components of the Quality Standards.

As part of the work to strengthen the Quality Standards, the ACSQHC drafted the clinical care Quality Standard (Standard 5)

In collaboration with us and the ACQSC, the ACSQHC has also developed guidance for the clinical care Quality Standard (Standard 5).

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