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Find out about physician reporting requirements, what occupational respiratory diseases to report, and how to report them.

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Who must report

From 22 May 2024, the following physicians must report diagnoses of prescribed occupational respiratory diseases to the National Registry:

  • occupational and environmental medicine physicians
  • respiratory and sleep medicine physicians.

Who must report

Prescribed occupational respiratory diseases

It is mandatory to report prescribed occupational respiratory diseases to the registry. 

Prescribed occupational respiratory diseases vary depending on where you practice.  It may become mandatory to report additional occupational respiratory diseases over time.

Learn more about the prescribed occupational respiratory diseases in your state or territory.

Non-prescribed occupational respiratory diseases

You can choose to report non-prescribed occupational respiratory diseases to the National Registry, with patient consent.

For more information about when and how to get patient consent, see the patient privacy notice and consent forms.

How to report

To report occupational respiratory diseases to the registry, use the National Occupational Respiratory Disease Registry Physician Portal.

Patients diagnosed with a prescribed occupational respiratory disease must provide information about their: 

  • identity
  • contact details
  • occupational respiratory disease
  • exposure that caused or exacerbated the disease.

Physician portal

To use the portal, physicians need a standard or strong strength myGovID.

Access the physician portal

User guide

The Physician User Guide includes more information about:

  • who must report to the registry
  • what to report to the registry
  • how to use the registry portal.


If you need help, you can contact our registry operator.

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