Environmental health

The physical, chemical and biological environment we live in affects our wellbeing. Clean drinking water, good hygiene, effective pest and disease control, and good housing is important to our overall health. Find out what we’re doing to improve environmental health in Australia.

About environmental health

The environment we live and work in affects our health. Learn more about environmental health.

What we're doing

We work on policies and programs that aim to improve and maintain Australia’s environmental health.

Climate and health

Learn about how our changing climate affects our health through rising heat and changing rainfall patterns.

Occupational dusts

Learn about what we're doing to prevent and detect occupational dust disease.

Latest news

Latest news

Supporting and Strengthening Primary Care as Australia opens up

The Australian Government is taking further steps to support and strengthen the health system as we open up to living with COVID-19 under phases B and C of the National Plan to transition Australia's National COVID Response, as agreed by National Cabinet.

PFAS study delayed by COVID-19

A joint media statement from Professor Brendan Murphy, Australian Government Chief Medical Officer and Professor Martyn Kirk,
Australian National University.

Latest resources

Latest resources

Arrangement between the Environmental Health Standing Committee and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

This arrangement has been developed to facilitate efforts towards nationally consistent radiation safety regulatory frameworks and radiation health outcomes.

Towards alternatives to animal testing of industrial chemicals in Australia – A scoping report

This report looks at the ability of non-animal testing methods to determine the safety of cosmetics and other industrial chemicals. It considers available and emerging Australian and international scientific evidence.

Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth) – Terms of reference

This document contains the terms of reference for the Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth).

All of governments' response to the National Dust Disease Taskforce final report

This document from the Australian and state and territory governments outlines their commitment to reducing incidences of silicosis and other dust diseases among workers, and increase the quality of life for people affected and their families.