Registry governance

Find out who can access registry data and learn about registry privacy and supporting legislation.

Who can access the registry

Registry data can be accessed by:

  • relevant federal government agencies, including:
    • the Department of Health and Aged Care
    • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
    • Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • state and territory government health departments and work health and safety agencies
  • the Registry Operator
  • specialist physicians (who can only see de-identified data, except for their own patients).

You can request access to registry data if you are a:

  • other federal government agency.
  • researcher (subject to strict privacy and other protections).

Find out how to access registry data as a:

Privacy and consent

Under the Privacy Act 1988 (including the Australian Privacy Principles) and the National Occupational Respiratory Disease Registry Act 2023, we must take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. We will securely store all personal information that you give to us. 

To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.

Supporting legislation

The registry is supported by the National Occupational Respiratory Disease Registry Act 2023

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