Monthly Care Statements for residential aged care

We are developing Monthly Care Statements to give residents a summary of the care they receive and any significant changes or events. This monthly update will make it easier for residents and their representatives to keep a record of their care and inform ongoing conversations with their provider.

About the Monthly Care Statements

We’ve been consulting with older people, their representatives and residential aged care providers to develop and trial Monthly Care Statements for residents of aged care homes. Monthly Care Statements aim to make the information shared between a residential aged care home and residents more consistent. Every month, providers will be required to provide residents with a summary of:

  • the care the resident receives
  • any significant changes or events that occurred in the previous period.

By detailing these activities in the Monthly Care Statements, we aim to:

  • make it easier for residents to keep a record of their care
  • prompt conversations between residents and their provider about their care outcomes and planning.

We are introducing the statements in response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, which highlighted:

  • a lack of information flow from aged care providers to older people and their representatives
  • the need for an aged care system that puts the needs of older people at the centre of care.

The benefits of Monthly Care Statements

Monthly Care Statements will give residents:

  • important information about their care in one easy to read statement, so they can monitor and adjust their care to meet their needs
  • a prompt for further conversations with their provider about their care
  • confidence that their provider has listened and acted on their requests and feedback
  • increased visibility of their provider’s care assessments and planning results (residential aged care homes must already communicate, document and make this available to residents, under the Aged Care Quality Standards 2(3)(d)).

Information included in the Monthly Care Statements

The statements will include information on the care received, and any recent changes or events during the preceding period. This could include information on:

  • nutrition and weight
  • changes to medication management
  • appointments, hospital or GP visits
  • wound management
  • mobility and falls
  • wellbeing activities, such as social activities, arts and craft or exercise.

All residential aged care homes will need to offer Monthly Care Statements to their residents.

The Monthly Care Statements pilot

After consulting with older people, their representatives, residential aged care providers and advocates, we trialled the statements in a monthly format with volunteer aged care homes and some of their residents. The pilot tested whether the information in the statements was useful and met the needs of residents.

The pilot had 3 stages.

Stage 1: Design and recruit (October to December 2022)

We engaged the Nous Group to help us design, implement, review and evaluate the Monthly Care Statements pilot.

Through consultation with older people, their representatives and providers, we identified what information should be included in the statement.

Together we designed 5 prototype statements to trial and test.

Engaging older people and their representatives in the development of the statements made sure the inclusions would meet their needs and preferences.

We sought expressions of interest from providers to volunteer to trial the prototypes with some of their residents.

Nous Group established a partnership with the Aged and Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA), who supported the pilot design and recruitment of participants.

Stage 2: Implement and support (December 2022 to June 2023)

Forty aged care homes volunteered to participate in the pilot. This included homes that are:

  • large and small
  • rural and remote
  • profit and not-for profit
  • First Nations and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse.

Across these homes, 543 residents and representatives participated. As part of the pilot, they each received three Monthly Care Statements between April and June 2023.

To maintain privacy, we did not collect any information as part of the pilot that would identify the volunteer residents.

Stage 3: Review and evaluate (June to November 2023)

After trialling the prototype statements, Nous Group sought feedback from residents, representatives, and aged care homes on what they liked and disliked about the statements, and matters to consider for national implementation.

Feedback from participating providers during the pilot was essential to:

  • check how the statements would work in practice
  • inform the proposed model, taking into account the impact on providers’ processes and systems
  • identify changes required to successfully implement the statements nationally.

Nous Group provided a report to the department on the Monthly Care Statements pilot. We are carefully considering the findings in the report and developing an approach for national implementation. It is anticipated the proposed approach will be announced in early 2024.

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