Monthly Care Statements for residential aged care

We are developing Monthly Care Statements to give residents a summary of the care they receive and any significant changes or events. This monthly update will make it easier for residents and their representatives to keep a record of their care and inform ongoing conversations with their provider.

About Monthly Care Statements

A Monthly Care Statement is a written statement that providers give to residents and their representatives every month to improve communication about health and wellbeing. 

The statement summarises:

  • the care the resident accesses
  • changes to the resident’s health or care
  • other relevant events that occurred in the previous period.

We encourage all residential aged care homes to offer Monthly Care Statements voluntarily from October 2024, before they become mandatory. 

Why they are important

Monthly Care Statements are a useful snapshot of the care and services that residents need and use, for both residents and their loved ones. 

We are introducing the statements in response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, which highlighted:

  • a lack of information flow from aged care providers to older people and their representatives
  • the need for an aged care system that puts the needs of older people at the centre of care.

What they include

You are likely already recording the information you will include in Monthly Care Statements. 

For all residents, the Monthly Care Statement will include information on:

  • wellbeing activities, such as social activities, arts and craft or exercise.
  • changes to medication 
  • appointments, hospital or doctor visits
  • nutrition and weight

When relevant, the statement may also include:

  • summary information (diagnoses)
  • wound management
  • mobility and falls.

Benefits for residents

Monthly Care Statements will give residents:

  • important information about their care in one easy-to-read statement, so they can monitor their care 
  • an overview of wellbeing activities, nutrition and weight, medication change and appointments
  • a prompt for further conversations with their provider about whether their care needs adjusting
  • confidence their provider has listened and acted on their requests and feedback
  • increased visibility of their provider’s care assessments and planning results, which providers must make available to residents under the Aged Care Quality Standards 2(3)(d)).

Benefits for providers

Monthly Care Statements benefit providers by:

  • providing a holistic view of the residents’ care needs
  • helping you review and adjust care management plans 
  • improving communication with aged care residents about their care needs
  • helping you address concerns in a timely way
  • identifying trends in the feedback you receive, which can help you to improve care across your home.


Residential aged care homes can offer Monthly Care Statements voluntarily from October 2024. These voluntary statements can be written or verbal.

We will soon publish guidance on how we recommend you do this.

We encourage all aged care homes to offer Monthly Care Statements voluntarily before it becomes mandatory.

We will advise the date these statements will become mandatory over coming months.

The Monthly Care Statements pilot

Between October 2022 and November 2023, the Nous Group designed and implemented a pilot of the Monthly Care Statements. 

A representative mix of 37 residential aged care providers volunteering 40 homes participated in the pilot. The pilot tested whether the statements were useful and met the needs of residents.

During the pilot, we surveyed residents and their representatives about their experience. We found most residents and representatives rated Monthly Care Statements as helpful or very helpful.   

We have carefully considered the pilot's results. We are developing an approach for mandatory national implementation.


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