About the Midwife Professional Indemnity Run-Off Cover Scheme (MPIROCS)

The MPIROCS provides cover for claims made against eligible midwives who have stopped private practice.

What is the MPIROCS

The MPIROCS helps eligible midwives in private practice who have stopped working. It provides professional indemnity cover for incidents that:

  • occurred while they were working
  • have not yet been notified to insurers.

The MPIROCS is one of the Australian Government’s medical and midwife indemnity insurance schemes.

Services Australia administers the MPIROCS for the government.

Why is it important

Previously, midwives faced significant costs for run-off cover. The MPIROCS addresses this issue by providing secure, free and ongoing run-off cover insurance.

Who is it for

The MPIROCS is for endorsed midwives who:

See the full eligibility criteria.

What does it cover

MPIROCS cover is based on a midwife’s last insurance cover. This usually means the cover they had before they stopped private practice.

Find out more about coverage under the MPIROCS.

How it works

Currently, Medical Insurance Australia (MIGA) is the sole provider of run-off cover to private midwives. This is under an arrangement with the Australian Government.

When midwives stop working and they are eligible for the MPIROCS, MIGA must:

MIGA can apply for an MPIROCS payment to reimburse their costs.

Go to the Services Australia website to find out more about the MPIROCS for insurers, including how to apply for payment.


The government charges a levy – the MPIROCS support payment – on professional indemnity premiums. This covers the ongoing cost of the MPIROCS.

Find out more about payments for the MPIROCS.

Reporting requirements

Indemnity legislation requires annual reporting on the MPIROCS.


The government set up the MPIROCS under the Midwife Professional Indemnity (Run-off Cover Support Payment) Act 2010. Find out about the legislation that supports indemnity schemes.


Medical and professional indemnity insurance contact

Contact us for general enquiries about the medical indemnity insurance schemes for privately practising doctors, allied health professionals and midwives. You can also contact us if you have general enquiries about medical and professional indemnity insurance policy.

Services Australia medical indemnity team

Contact this team for queries about applications and payments under the medical and midwife professional indemnity insurance schemes.
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