Claims under the Midwife Professional Indemnity Run-Off Cover Scheme (MPIROCS)

Medical Insurance Australia (MIGA) manages and pays the costs of eligible claims under the MPIROCS. They can then apply to Services Australia for an MPIROCS payment as reimbursement.

Eligible claims

For a claim against a midwife to be eligible, the:

  • incident must have occurred as part of their midwifery practice
  • incident must be within the scope of the MPIROCS insurance contract, which is based on the midwife’s last cover
  • MIGA must receive first notice of the incident (or facts that may give rise to it):

If a claim is made

If a midwife becomes aware of a claim after they have become eligible for the MPIROCS, they must notify MIGA.

Limits to claims

There is a limit to the amount the MPIROCS covers.

Who manages the claim

MIGA will:

The midwife should cooperate with MIGA and complete forms and provide information as needed.

Who pays for the claim

MIGA pays for the claim first. The Australian Government will reimburse MIGA for 100% of their costs. This includes the cost of managing the claim.

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