DoctorConnect provides information to international medical graduates and their employers. It aims to help international medical graduates understand the steps required to work as a doctor in Australia, where they can work and restrictions on billing patients under Medicare.

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Discover what you need to do before you can get a job, where you can work and what services you can charge for.

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Find out what areas of Australia need more doctors by searching the Health Workforce Locator.

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Learn how to find, secure and start a job as a doctor in Australia.

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Find out how Australia’s health system works, what Medicare is and what restrictions there are on billing patients.

Annual update of DPA and DWS classifications

The annual update to the Distribution Priority Area indicator for general practitioners and District of Workforce Shortage for specialists classification system is scheduled for 1 July 2021.

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Health Workforce Locator

Use our workforce locator map to check the geographical classification of any location in Australia. The map can tell you if a location is classified as city, rural or remote. It identifies areas that need more doctors.

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Distribution Priority Area (DPA) update

Changes to the Distribution Priority Area (DPA) classification apply from 1 January 2022.

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Learn what you need to do to work in Australia, where you can work and what restrictions there are on billing patients.

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Latest resources

Latest resources

In-home aged care program engagement calendar

We will undertake consultation in 2023 to inform the design of the new in-home aged care program. This calendar lets you know when these activities are happening.

Department of Health and Aged Care organisational chart

This chart shows the structure of the Department of Health and Aged Care, including our divisions, branches, statutory office holders and high priority taskforces.

Options for a reformed Prostheses List pre-listing assessment framework and governance structure

This report provides a framework and proposes options for governance that would align the Prostheses List processes with those of other health technology assessment processes within the Government. It was developed by Adelaide Health Technology Assessment, under the Prostheses List Reform program.

Review of the Prostheses List advisory committee and associated subcommittees

This review provides options and recommendations for the future governance of the Prostheses List. It was developed by Ernst & Young under the Department’s Prostheses List Reform program.
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