Finding a job

International medical graduates can work in Australia in the public and private health systems. Different rules apply. Learn what they are and how to get a job in the right place.

Before finding a job

You can search for a job in a few different ways. First, check what you’re eligible to apply for.

As an international medical graduate, there are restrictions on where you can work and bill under Medicare.

It can take up to a few months to secure a job in Australia.

Finding a job in the private system

If you find a job in the private system, and wish to claim Medicare, you are restricted to working in a: 

These areas are usually regional, rural and remote.

Search the Health Workforce Locator to find out where the areas are.

If you are flexible with where you will work, you are more likely to find a job.

Rural Workforce Agencies are in each state and territory. Contact a Rural Workforce Agency for help to find a job in a private medical practice.

Finding jobs in the public system

The government manages jobs in the public system. If you’re looking for jobs in hospitals, check the website of your state or territory health department.

You can work in a public hospital as a non-specialist and learn a specialisation. However, these training posts are very competitive. 

More help to find a job

The Medical Journal of Australia has a job search function for doctors.

Specialists can find jobs through their specialist college. See the list of specialist medical colleges to find out who to contact.

Employers sometimes use medical recruitment agencies to find people to fill jobs. Most agencies list these jobs on their websites.

Securing a job

The process for applying will depend on who you are applying with. If you need help, speak to the job application contact. They can tell you what you need to do.

Once you have accepted a job, you will need to apply for medical registration.

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