How to register

All doctors must be registered with the Medical Board of Australia. Read about medical registration and how to get it.

Why do I need to register?

You cannot work with patients in Australia if you’re not registered with the Medical Board of Australia.

The Medical Board of Australia regulates the medical profession.

Read more about who needs to register and why.

Types of medical registration

There are 4 different types of medical registration. Your eligibility depends on your level of training and experience:

  • general
  • specialist
  • provisional
  • limited.

The Medical Board of Australia has details on registration types and how to apply for them

Getting your skills assessed before registering

The Medical Board of Australia needs evidence that you’re eligible for registration. Before the Medical Board of Australia will consider your application for registration, you need to have your skills assessed.

The Australian Medical Council can guide you on skills assessments.

Applying for medical registration

You must find and secure a job before you can apply for medical registration.

After you have had your skills assessed, you will continue the pathway to registration. There are 3 pathways for International Medical Graduates:

  • Competent Authority pathway: usually for non-specialists, but also available to specialists with qualifications from the UK, Ireland, US , NZ and Canada
  • Specialist pathway: for specialists seeking specialist recognition or applying for an Area of Need specialist level position
  • Standard pathway: for doctors not eligible for the Competent Authority or Specialist pathways.

Check which pathway you’re eligible for with the Medical Board of Australia.

Once you’re on a registration pathway, you can apply for a visa.

Getting registered

The Medical Board of Australia will assess and may approve you for one of the registration pathways.

Before you will be granted registration, you will need to:

After you have met the requirements, you can apply for registration.

Be aware that there are fees for the Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview and registration.

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