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We run regular webinars for the aged care sector and IT professionals on our digital transformation work. Find out how to register for upcoming webinars, and view our previous webinars.

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  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 21 May 2024

    Hear about our Digital Transformation Program milestones including recent updates to the Business to Government (B2G) Gateway, as well as presentations about data standardisation for the aged care sector and the ELDAC project.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 9 April 2024

    The second Tech Talk webinar for 2024 covered updates on upcoming activity on the Business to Government (B2G) Developer Portal, the Aged Care Taskforce Final Report, and the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 27 February 2024

    In our first Tech Talk webinar of 2024, we looked at latest updates on digital transformation for the aged care sector.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 6 December 2023

    In this webinar we looked at our November 2023 releases, highlighted our achievements for the year and our plans for 2024.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 1 November 2023

    Our Digital Transformation program creates a better-connected aged care network that is consolidated, sustainable, automated, and modern. You're invited to join the conversation through the Digital Transformation Tech Talk webinar series.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 7 September 2023

    In this webinar we shared an update on our digital strategy, and updated on some key digital transformation initiatives (specifically, Quarterly Financial Reports (QFR) and Business-to-Government (B2G) exchange capabilities).
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 12 July 2023

    In this webinar the speakers provided an update on the policy priorities for the Aged Care reform agenda, a playback of our digital transformation timeline and addressed some of the most popular questions
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 31 May 2023

    In this webinar, the speakers provided an update on Aged Care reform, the Quality Indicators initiative, and the Support at Home program – as well as provided an update on our digital transformation roadmap and timeline.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 19 April 2023

    In this webinar we shared an update on the policy priorities for the Aged Care reform agenda, provide a playback of our progress on the new Government Provider Management System (GPMS), and took a deeper look at the department's broader data approach.
  • Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 2 March 2023

    In this first webinar for 2023, the speakers provided a forecast of the Aged Care reforms and digital transformation initiatives expected in the coming months, as well as a ‘playback’ on the Star Ratings release (which went live late last year).
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