About digital transformation for the aged care sector

Our digital transformation work aims to create a better-connected aged care sector by simplifying, digitising and automating points of connection between clients, providers, the software industry, and government.

About the initiative

Digital transformation in the aged care sector is a fundamental pillar that enables broader aged care reform.

True digital transformation relies on close partnerships.

We are committed to providing public advice about our digital transformation agenda, with a specific focus on:

  • having conversations
  • gathering insights
  • understanding touchpoints with the sector.​

Have your say

We encourage aged care service providers and IT vendors to get involved in the digital transformation conversation.

We are holding regular public Digital Transformation Tech Talk webinars to talk about the transformation process and to answer your questions.

You can also contact us to request targeted Health presentations at existing industry or government forums.


Modernising the aged care system is not a trivial undertaking. We are planning incremental improvements over the coming years.

We will provide advice about the roadmap for change, current status, and immediate priorities through our regular Tech Talk webinar series.

Who we work with

We are working closely with our policy partners, other government agencies, and the aged care sector as part of our digital transformation initiative.

Learn more about the Digital Transformation Sector Partners.


Aged care digital transformation engagement office

Contact us with questions about our digital transformation work. You can also request targeted presentations at industry or government forums.
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