Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme (ACVVS) stories

Hear from participants in the Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme (ACVVS).

Volunteer visitor stories


Volunteer visitor stories – Juninga Centre

Volunteer visitors Sarah and Phillip visit Queenie and Roy at the Juninga Centre in Darwin. They open up about the importance of friendship and sharing stories that foster a strong sense of community.

Volunteer visitor stories – Fergus and Ron

Fergus visits Ron every week or two as a volunteer. They open up about the importance of building an intergenerational friendship and learning from each other.

Volunteer visitor stories – Peter and Jack

Peter volunteers to visit with Jack every week at his home. They open up about how Peter is helping Jack share his life story and the importance of their friendship to both of them.

Volunteer visitor stories – Julia and Joan

Julia has visited Joan in her home as a volunteer every fortnight for the past 6 years. They open up about the importance of visiting LGBTQIA+ older people who may be isolated from their family or community.

Volunteer visitor stories – Gaynor and Irene

Gaynor joined as an aged care volunteer visitor when she retired and moved to Adelaide. She and Irene have become great friends through their regular visits. They open about how their friendship has enriched both their lives.

Volunteer visitor stories – Matilda and Annie

Matilda started visiting Annie as a volunteer 2 years ago and have been close friends ever since. They open up about the positive impact of spending time together and sharing stories.
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