Pharmaceutical supply compliance

We work with the pharmacy profession to improve compliance with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Approved supply of pharmaceutical benefits

Approved Pharmacists that supply PBS medicines must dispense these medicines at their approved premises. If the patient is unable to attend the approved premises then the medicines can be delivered from the approved premises to the patient's residence.

Dispensing PBS prescriptions at, or from, premises which are not approved is a breach of approval.

Depot supply arrangements

A depot supply arrangement is where, in a rural or remote location where there is no approved pharmacy, a non-pharmacy acts as a collection point:

  • receiving a prescription from consumers
  • transferring the prescription to an approved pharmacy

The PBS prescription is dispensed at the approved pharmacy for delivery to the consumer's home or back to the depot for collection.

A depot cannot be a pharmacy and should not:

  • carry any prescription medication
  • dispense medication supplied under the PBS.

Pharmacy Profession Compliance Roundtable

The Pharmacy Profession Compliance Roundtable helps support pharmacists to improve compliance.

The roundtable comprises representatives from:

  • the Department of Health
  • the Pharmacy Board of Australia
  • the Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Pharmaceutical Defence Limited
  • the Pharmacy Premises Registering Authorities of Australia.

The roundtable:

  • discusses issues relating to PBS approval and claiming
  • shares information on improving PBS claiming practices
  • ensures consistent information and advice is provided by all organisations involved
  • establishes working groups to address specific matters.


Last updated: 
17 January 2022

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