What we're doing about young people's health

Find out how we’re working to help you stay physically and mentally healthy through consultation, policies and programs.

Consultation and engagement

The Australian Government has an Office for Youth that works with young people about what matters most to you. This office:

  • listens to young people and their advocates
  • improves government policies that affect young people
  • has developed a strategy to meaningfully engage with young people.

We are a working partner on the Office for Youth’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Youth Advisory Group.

See the Office for Youth website for information on the:

Open consultations

We publish all open consultations in the Consultation Hub.

Policy work

We have a national plan to ensure all Australian children and young people, from all backgrounds and all walks of life:

  • can fulfil their potential
  • are healthy, safe and thriving.

We implement the plan and monitor its progress to identify gaps and improve policy for children and young people.

We also worked with the: 

Initiatives and programs

We fund initiatives and programs to improve the health of young people. 

Research and data

We fund research about young people’s health. This includes the

Who we work with

We work with: 

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