Our work related to young people's health

A list of initiatives and programs we fund that are related to young people’s health.

Our related work

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule

    Learn about the policy work we do to support Australia's National Oral Health Plan through the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). The schedule covers part or all of the cost of some basic dental services for eligible patients.
  • headspace

    headspace provides mental health support services to young people aged 12 to 25 years, who are experiencing, or at risk, of mental ill-health.
  • Kids Helpline

    Kids Helpline provides a free, private and confidential telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged 5 to 25 years. The service is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in Australia.
  • National Immunisation Program

    The National Immunisation Program provides free vaccines to eligible people to help reduce diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.
  • Positive Choices

    This website helps school communities to access accurate, up-to-date drug education resources and prevention programs.
  • Pregnant Pause initiative

    This funded initiative encourages Australians to go alcohol-free during their pregnancy or the pregnancy of loved ones. It helps mums-to-be build a strong support system. It also raises awareness of the serious effects of alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Providing aged care services to younger people

    Aged care providers sometimes deliver services to younger people with a disability. Learn more about the NDIS and how it supports younger people to access services, and how to become an NDIS provider.
  • The National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health

    The National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health, delivered by Emerging Minds, assists professionals and organisations who work with children and their parents or families to have the skills to identify, assess and support children at risk of mental health conditions.
  • Younger people in residential aged care

    We are working to stop younger people under 65 going into residential aged care. We are helping younger people consider and access suitable accommodation and support.
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